Spring Colloquium

Spring Colloquium

Continuing on with our centenary celebratory events we are organising a Spring Colloquium to showcase the incredible minds of the GWO community.


Date/Time: Saturday 2nd October, 1pm to 4pm

Place: Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum

Concept: A chance for our incredible members to share a passion, specialisation, or project with our membership and others. Come along to hear what our own members specialise in or are interested in.

Who: Presenters – any GWO member; Audience – anyone!

Presentation Topics: Any topic of research, any project (past or current), or any specialty area of interest.

Presentation Length/Format: approx. ten minutes speaking, 3 minutes questions. Talk with or without slides/visual aid. A $30 gift voucher will be given to all presenters as a thank-you.

View the Program here